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PROCESSOR VISHERA - GENERATION PROCESSOR AMD - HISTORI PROCESSOR VISHERA - Definition Processor Vishera - Definition Processor - Histori Processor - Computer - Processor Computer - Processor AMD for Computer - Laptop - Notebook, and dll. Hello guest are you fine this day.? I hope so.

         Guest know I whant to try explain about PC or PROCESSOR AMD or we can say processor vishera generation AMD for Computer,ok guest you know historis or origin from this processor vishera.? Processor Vishera Generation AMD, said by manufakturer, vishera is another word from Processor AMD FX excellence from processor vishera compared with processor amd fx in arcitekture new can we call PILEDRIVE, and piledrive own is the developmen of Bulldozer.

         Bulldozer own is arcitekture from Processor AMD FX, you know what, this processor vishera is processor 8-core or eight-core that uses Piledriver x86 architecture combined with dual-channel memory controllerDDR3 and l3 cache of 8MB. Not only that, the new FX processors AMD is also bringing TurboCore 3.0 features that can increase the speed of the processor frequency corresponding workload. it's mazing yes.

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